The Vineyard, Richmond
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Conversion of the Old School to Clearwater House

Due to a large increase in the number of pupils after the World War II, the infant classes were moved away in 1962. The Vineyard Junior School finally closed on this site in 1984.

 The British School

Clearwater House

 School 1984  Clearwater House
 The original school building is just the part under the far pair of ridges. In 1908 it was enlarged with the nearer section.  Externally only the windows and lack of chimneys has changed. Inside, the lofty single story classrooms are now converted to 22 flats on 2 floors.
 Old playground with pupils' toiledblock in centre  Rear of Clearwater House and Regency Walk in the foreground
 The old playground with the pupils' toilet block in the centre.  Rear of Clearwater House with Regency Walk in the foreground.
 Old School rain shelter for wet play  Regency Walk
 The School had a playground extending to Grosvenor Avenue. The roof is to  provide shelter for wet play.  Now the shelter has been removed to allow maximum use of space for cottages in Regency Walk.