The Vineyard, Richmond
  An Online History for residents, their families and friends


About Us

I  lived in The Vineyard from1975 - 2013. So you can see I  liked it!

Since the early days of the internet I have had a growing fascination with its ability to provide information quickly and easily to the searcher and to make it more meaningful by linking to different sources and types of data.

For some time I have been our family genealogist using the internet to search for information on our ancestors that was being lost as new generations succeeded the old.  Last year I found a cache of old deeds of my house that enabled me to track when it was built and the changes of ownership down the years.  Then I realised that I could potentially tell a bigger story about the whole road in a form that others could access without the time I am spending to collect the data initially.

What is not readily available are the deeds of each house.  These used to be kept in archives by solicitors or mortgage providers since they were required for legal proof of ownership.  Since properties have been recorded on the Land Registry such deeds are no longer required for legal title but are still interesting for the historic record.  I would encourage all property owners to look out their deeds and contribute relevant information to this website either by emailing me or dropping a note through the door of No 16.

Personal data has been published from censuses up to 1911.  The principle has been established that data should remain protected if less than 100 years old.  I intend to use the same principle on this site.  So personal data will be more than 100 years old; visible changes to buildings will be recorded up to the present.

This site is 'work in progress'. My first priority is to collect the data.  Then I shall hope to learn gradually how to improve the look and functioning of the site.