The Vineyard, Richmond
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Look at "The Prospect of Richmond in Surry" in 1726

Prospect of Richmond Surrey in 1726


You can just make out the line of The Vineyard road going horizontally across the hill. Only three houses are visible close to The Vineyard. They were - perhaps - The Vineyard House, Clarence House or Michel's Almshouses and Halford House but the details are not very clear and probably not very accurate. 

What is clear is that Richmond Hill as a whole was fields.

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 Today the open fields have disappeared

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Now we have an urban street with 2 churches, 3 almshouses, 7 other listed buildings and a listed phone-box - not to mention a varied group of interesting houses.

How did we get from country to town and change so drastically our local environment?  This site aims to show you how and when. We also look at some of the residents in the road between 1841 and 1911. The Vineyard is especially interesting because it was developed piecemeal as the result of many individual landowners and residents whereas most of the other roads on Richmond Hill were mainly designed at the behest of a single developer.

"The Vineyard was, and is, a long road with houses of different sizes and qualities, the grandest being the Hatherly's Newark House at No 9." (Bryan Govett)

This story will be more valuable and interesting if all those with knowledge of the road or individual houses contribute that knowledge to this site.  This site is a work in progress, please comment and suggest improvements.